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An audio installation about a long lost friend played through a mnemonic device: the tin-can telephone. 

Exhibited at Residenza E'poca in Florence, 2016

Listen here


A performance and video installation dividing and identifying old clothing. 

I recorded myself splitting the items into piles, questioning my personal value and memory of each piece. This video was edited with additional audio reconsidering the actions. FInally, the video was played in the exact space the action took place, with all clothing remaining untouched on the floor where they were dropped during the recording.

The installation took place at Residenza E'poca in Florence, Italy in December of 2016.

A tour of completion

This work was created after finding an abandoned book of glass slides during a trip to Palermo, Sicily. The slides held images of historic monuments and paintings.

Five slides were missing, but the book came with a guided explanation of each image. I found the locations of the missing images and traveled to each city: Genoa, Pisa, Verona, Senigallia and Florence. Retaking photographs of missing images more than 30 years later, I created new slides to complete the album.


Commenting on the timelessness of monuments within Italy, the album is juxtaposed with the not-so timeless actions associated with loss and recovery. The work was displayed at Museo di Anthropology and Ethnology for the group exhibition Body Archives 4 curated by Dejan Atanackovic in Florence, Italy, April of 2016.

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