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Hi there and welcome to my site! Happy to have you here. Let me tell you a little about myself…


I’m a writer and an artist from the USA living and working in Italy. I’ve always had a passion for everything arts and culture - and that passion has brought me to some really amazing places and provided some incredible experiences! I got my undergraduate in English at Hamline University in St.Paul, Minnesota. After graduating I worked in marketing and audience engagement at a variety of museums and galleries in Minneapolis, Minnesota. During this time I also did freelance illustration projects for local musicians and restaurants, commissioned paintings for private collectors, and held writing and painting workshops for teens and adults. 


After a few years of this, I became more interested in pursuing my freelance career and honing my art and teaching skills with a Master's degree. That’s what brought me to Italy, where I have been ever since! After receiving my MFA from Studio Arts College International in Florence, I stayed to teach workshops for an international exchange program for underprivileged teens. I also started building relationships, writing copy, and creating digital content with art research and appraisal companies, small local businesses and restaurants, and artisan communities. I love collaborating with people from all walks of life. 


I continue to teach art classes and english language courses, at a variety of age levels and abilities, but I primarily freelance in writing content and editing video. I do also still create my own art and illustrations, and I still take commissions for prints, paintings, and even textile work. You can find my shop linked here.


Wew! That’s a lot of information, thanks for reading. Still have questions? That’s awesome! Please don’t hesitate to contact me, I enjoy hearing from people and am always quick to respond to email. 


Check me out on social media and read my full CV

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