Projection Paintings

Projection Paintings are a series of experimental works arranging moving images, gifs or videos, and projecting them onto oil paintings created from a video still. 

Focused on themes of 'home', projection paintings also innately transmit a feminine nostalgia experienced through social constructs and gender norms. With subtle, time-lapsed movements the videos communicate a passage of time and the romance of the changing sunlight, as well as disagreeable interruptions caused by wind or other elements. The painting behind the video acts as a stabilizer, yet questions light and color, becoming an optical illusion that can often be mistaken for a filtered effect applied in video editing. The image is united through two different mediums, underlining the duality of the work itself. 

8640 Part II


, Florence, Italy

Video projection over Oil on canvas

157 X 89 cm (2 canvasses)

Video 3:17", looped




Residenza E'poca, Florence, Italy

Video projection over Oil on canvas

157 X 89 cm 

Video :32", looped


© 2017 Meaghan Sweeney Arts.

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