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Chipped Teeth

Chipped Teeth recounts a personal history, digesting through metaphor. This is an ongoing project. 

Tubà Sinestra

A short video about identity and communication, as well as a personal reflection on loss and the human body. 

Drawing from a debilitating experience of the removal of the artist's left fallopian tube and the life inside of it, this work aims to underline the theme of the female vessel as it bridges itself between different cultures and languages.


[video trailer to installation]

A video trailer meant to be a humorous introduction to a larger body of work. 


Originally an audio piece to be listened to with three photographs of the Pope taken by the artist, this work aims to question personal relationships with the catholic church, organised religion, and the existence of God.

Played at Reactions to Divine Beauty, at Palazzo Strozzi, in partnership with Studio Art College International and organized by Daria Fildaro.

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